Train-the-Trainer Workshops

Effective workshops are engaging, energetic, fun, and impactful. Creating such learning experiences require expertise in connecting with participants. At Ignite2Transform, we guide our clients with the techniques and coaching necessary for creating transformative learning experiences.


The Coronavirus-19 pandemic has changed the nature of business and living for good. Traditional companies have been forced to go digital, and workshops have not been exempted. In the training world, face-to-face workshops are the standard; however, with COVID-19, workshops are now being readapted to the online space. Virtual training is an entirely different ball game, which means new skills will need to be acquired to impact your audience. Ignite2Transform will provide resources and skills required to contact engaging, fun, and impactful virtual workshops.


Institutions and companies realize the importance of integrating a diversity and inclusion framework within their organizational structures. This is a smart idea. Including a D&I strategy will lead to more employee retention, increase the bottom line, enhance branding, and overall, creates a working environment that is diverse and fosters a working community where employees are heard and feel that they belong. At Ignite2Transform, we guide our clients by designing workshops, team-building exercises, and online courses to transform the business culture.


Is your company or business a human-centered organization? Is Empathy a word that is understood and adopted within your business culture? If not, no problem! At Ignite2Transform, we provide top-notch workshops on Empathy. We incorporate elements of play in addressing challenges that often come up in work teams, communication, and projects, which could potentially impact the unit's overall well-being.


Design Thinking and Backcasting are creative methods used for solving human-centered challenges. As companies endeavour to increase productivity, innovation and creativity, design thinking and backcasting methods are being implemented. At Ignite2Transform, we lead design thinking and backcasting workshops for clients who are interested in creative approaches that puts the end-user at the core of solution-finding.